Welcome to the new era of the fighting game landscape in Luxembourg!

What is it about?

The WLG Beatdown as you knew and loved has evolved. We took our fighting game event and tuned it up to 11. Instead of having just one Beatdown every few months, we will be hosting a WLG Beatdown, starting September 22nd, every single month, for the next 6 months. 

The core stays the same, every Beatdown you’ll be able to participate in one main tournament, play on one of our many freeplay stations, enjoy a drink with friends and just have fun among passionate gamers. 

But there’s more!

We upgraded our setup count, which means there will be more stations and more game variation. As of now, with the help of our community, we will also stream and cast every tournament that will be held on Beatdown grounds. There will be no monetary prizes for the tournaments BUT the sixth Beatdown will be a special one. 

SUPER Beatdown

The sixth Beatdown, will be on a whole new level. In February 2018 we will hold a fighting game tournament weekend. During that weekend there will be various tournaments on the most popular franchises. SUPER Beatdown has a community funded monetary prizepool that will consist of part of the proceedings of every Beatdown, sponsorships and register fees. 

Beatdown Powerranking

With every tournament your participate in and place under the top 16 you will earn points. Your goal will be to collect as many points as possible by placing yourself at the top of  each tournament.

Points distribution :

1st place:  32 Points

2nd place:  26 Points

3rd place: 20 Points

4th place: 14 Points

5th-8th place:  8 Points

9th-16th place: 4 Points

The best among you will be rewarded with prizes during our Super Beatdown.


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