WLG Hearthstone Wintercup!



We Live Games presents its online Hearthstone Winter Cup! 

Everyone is allowed to participate. Only restriction : 32 player limit, with wait list. (People in the waitlist will be able to check-in, if registered players don't show up.)

Every tournament will be streamed on our twitch channel : twitch.com/we_live_games

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, we will be glad to help you out.

How do I register?

Go over to www.battlefy.com/welivegames create a battlefy.com account and register yourself for the Hearthstone tournament by clicking on the red "join" button.

Or click the button to directly access the tournament page if you already have an account :


Will be announced soon!


  • 15:00 Check in
  • 16:00 Bracket seeded
  • 16:10 Beginning of the tournament


  • Read all the rules to avoid any misunderstandings
  • Player limit : none
  • Be respectful
  • Do not spam hero emotes!
  • There is no reason for unsavory language or insults. It's a game, have fun!
  • You have to choose your four classes in Battlefy.com when registering
  • Fill in a valid BattleTag(NAME#0000) and email address
  • Breaking the rules will result in a disqualification

General :

  • STANDARD MODE! (Mean Streets of Gadgetzan NOT ALLOWED!)
  • 4 Decks, 1 Ban
  • Each participant can only have 1 deck per class! (you can for example not be playing a zoolock and a renolock)

Procedure :

  • Check in on Battlefy.com before 16:45 CET
  • Click your bracket to chat with your opponent
  • Ban a class you don't want your opponent to play!
  • Add your opponent to BattleNet
  • Start a match with your opponent

The Battle :

  • If your opponent does not respond in 10 minutes, he is disqualified. Contact an admin ingame : WLGAdmin#2675 / Hilite#2123 / Siggy#2362
  • Round 1 - 3 will be Best of 3 (First to win with 2 classes wins)
  • Semi/Finals will be Best of 5 (First to win with 3 classes wins)
  • You cannot pick a class if you already won with it

Results :

  • Both players will have to take screenshots of every game as a proof!
  • Enter your results in your respective bracket on Battlefy.com
  • Both players will be disqualified if a result is contested and no screenshot can be shown to an admin!
  • Single Elimination! If you lose, you are out!

Remakes and disconnects :

  • If any player disconnects, it is up to the remaining player to claim the match as a win or replay the game.
  • If both players disconnect due to server problems, the game will be replayed.
  • Players are allowed to replay their game if both parties agree to it.

Social Media!

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